Thursday, 23 June 2011

Alex 01. I awesome sauce my bag

A few of my online shopping purchases finally came the day after my last exam.  Decided to use my new bag to mark the occasion. 
Highlight: Finding toy dinosaurs in Myer that interact with each other. I want Ned and Morris. 
Lowlight: Having to settle for a vegetarian Big Mac.  

Cardigan, T-Shirt - Top Shop
Skirt, Bag - Vintage
Shoes - Dr Martens

Aggy 01. Feather in your cap

Yay! Sunny winter days means I get to take my new hat out for a spin. 
Highlights: Stuffing a big mac with chips in order to create a vegetarian option at Mc Donalds.
Lowlights: Someone asking me if my hair was a wig.

Smock dress, purse, shoes, hat - Vintage
Tights - Topshop