Monday, 22 August 2011

You Weren't Invited

 We recently journeyed to Japan to visit our favourite places in Tokyo and attend Fuji Rock Festival! Here are a few instants to tie you over until we get our film developed. 

Fans of floral! 

Exploring back streets. We are in fact Broadway's Best and fans of deli meat. 

Elevator shenanigans. Aggy loves bad hair day scarves and Alex's floral denim dress. 

Exhausted after a hard day of spending over budget. 

Butter popcorn and coffee jell floats at Disney Sea. 

Organization for the organized. 

Cute rooftop apartments we're jealous of. 

Recovery bunny slippers for our tired tired feet. 

One of the records we bought from an amazing independent music store in Jimbocho. 

Alex making a selection from one of the many vending machines. 

One of the rides at an amazing theme park from the early 1900s. 

Many more less scattered photos to come!
Catch you on the flip side cool cats .

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